Jamell Meeks

Reaching, Teaching, Empowering and Mentoring

Jamell Meeks is Director of Women’s Ministries for the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, under the leadership of her husband, Reverend Senator James T. Meeks.  A shining example of a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, she is nationally known as a powerful leader with a gentle spirit. Jamell is a graduate of the historic, Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.

Jamell Meeks is a visionary. As Director of “Women of Influence”, she directs ministry projects and activities for more thousands of women.  Out of her passion for the spirit of entrepreneurship, she developed the nationally recognized A.R.I.S.E Entrepreneur Program; a 7-week training program designed to nurture and expand small businesses.  Under her leadership, she has developed programs that focus on health and wellness, mentoring, professional development, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, domestic violence awareness and education, teen pregnancy…

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Vanessa Davis Griggs

There’s lots of reasons to spotlight Author Vanessa Davis Griggs. To name a few, she’s kind, sassy, talented and anointed. She is the author of several uplifting works and her books are making a difference in the lives of her readers. She also is a contributor to the Sisters in Faith Bible. She wrote the inspiring devotionals on Self.

Ms. Griggs embodies the five areas of focus of Sisters in Faith. She loves the Lord. In her books, every chapter begins with a scripture. She is the cornerstone of her family. Her husband, sons, and grandchildren adore her. She is thriving in her career. She is phenomenal writer whose books are topping the charts. She cares deeply for others. All her life is dedicated to making sure she helps to make this world a better place. She has herself together….

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