A Q&A with Stephanie Perry Moore and Michele Clark Jenkins about the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible

February 8th, 2013 by sistersi

Why is there a need for an African-American Women’s Bible?

The Word of God is a living, breathing document that, uses the same words but speaks to everyone differently depending on who they are, their life experiences, and God’s direction for their lives. African-American women need to know that God intended His Word uniquely for them and that He has demonstrated, through that very Word, that as their Creator He understands just who they are; as their Savior, He is aware of what they have been through; and as their indwelling Spirit, He knows their heart.

What are the special features of the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible?

Within the pages of this Bible, you will find nine different features designed to help you apply the truth of God’s Word to the realities of your life:

The Heart captures an enriching overview of each book of the Bible, allowing you to get acquainted with its content and theme. In addition, a personal insight has been added as to how each book specifically spoke to the hearts of our African-American contributors.

Arise! are devotions that have been developed by women, who just like you, are seeking revelation in God’s Word. These women share their hearts and their understanding of God’s Word in ways that directly address the life you live. you will find fifty devotional articles placed throughout the pages of this Bible. each life area will be addressed by the following ten topics:


1) Prayer life 2) Church 3) Our Identity 4) Our Righteousness 5) Salvation 6) Friend of God 7) Holiness: Be ye holy 8) Trusting God 9) The Word 10) Our Faith


1) Parents 2) Marriage 3) Teenagers 4) Divorce 5) Children 6) Spiritual Family 7) Adoption 8) Inheritance 9) Grandparents 10) Extended Family


1) Accountability 2) Forgiveness 3) Jealousy 4) Commitment 5) Sacrifice 6) Friendship 7) Service 8) Trust 9) Mentoring 10) Do Unto Others


1) Dreams 2) Money 3) Weaknesses 4) Strengths 5) Stress Management 6) leadership 7) Great Follower 8) Wisdom 9) Organization 10) Work Ethic


1) Aging 2) Patience 3) Self-Control 4) Depression 5) Loneliness 6) Self Esteem 7) Fear 8) Temptation 9) Healing 10) Peace

Quest and Discovery are questions and answers that face head-on some of the most difficult situations life can bring your way. Based totally on the truth of Scripture, the cries of many hearts are answered in ways that make rising above the challenges of life seem attainable. Quest and Discovery addresses each of the five life areas to help you find God’s truth.

She Speaks offers the reader a chance to look at life through the eyes of the women in the Bible. These are inviting, first person accounts that allow the reader to truly relate to the joys, sorrows, victories, and defeats of these sisters from long ago.

Notes to Self contains fifty snippets of wisdom drawn straight from the Word of God. each presents a biblical insight, the supporting Scripture, and is followed by a personal resolution to challenge and encourage the reader. All five life areas are addressed with wisdom and hope.

A Place of Honor presents lessons of faith to be gained through the lives of ten biblical women of African descent. Their lives are used as object lessons to help you apply the truth of God’s Word to your life of faith.

Lyrical Expressions, like hidden treasures of wisdom, are poems that can be found periodically within the pages of this Bible. each of the five poems addresses real-life dilemmas and the resulting drama. And each will lead the reader to the foot of the cross—the only place true help can be found.

Empowered Faith are motivational articles, covering all five life areas. each article offers words of wisdom to help you find the trust and confidence we are called to place in our Father and those he has given us to enhance our lives. Through the Word of God, we are empowered to live fruitful, abundant lives fully engaged in the pursuit of healthy relationships with God and others.

What are your favorite aspects of the Sisters in Faith Bible? Why?

Michele Clark Jenkins
I loved writing She Speaks because in researching each of the 50 women of the Bible and writing their stories in the first person, I found that each one of them spoke to me and I learned something important for my own life. But, then of course, that’s the way God works. You think you are writing something to bless others and He uses it to bless you.

Stephanie Perry Moore
The devotionals truly spoke to me, as each one was personal and heartwarming. Having 50 Arise! entries that focuses on uplifting the African-American woman is exciting to me.

Why is the Sisters in Faith Bible a King James Translation of the Bible?

The African American church still use the King James Version of the Bible more than any other.

Which books in the Bible do you recommend for new believers and first-time readers of the Bible?

We absolutely suggest that new believers and first-time readers of the Bible go straight to the book of John. We think that the concept of God, the creator, is a concept embraced by many, but the idea that the God of the universe would come to earth and allow Himself to experience life as a human—and the lowest of all humans—is sometimes more difficult to grasp. But the love that God has for us, which made Him want to be able to say, “I know how you feel” is so well described in the Book of John, that it turns the righteous fear of God into an all consuming love and admiration for Him.

Which books in the Bible to you feel are especially unique to African-American women and why?

It’s all good, but personally, we would say go straight to the Book of Job. African- American women are known for being great believers while, at the same time, long-sufferers. We have no desire to be martyrs and want the promises of God in this life, but, like Job, we wonder in the hard times, “Where is God?” The Book of Job demonstrates not only the trust that God has placed with us—that our faith is strong enough to withstand the struggles, and strong enough so that we refuse to “curse God and die,”—but also that our lives are built upon our personal relationships with God and not what others tell us that relationship should be or how we should respond to God. We are known for going all out for God in our lives. That is just who we are.

What helpful hints do you have for beginners and advance readers navigating their way through the Sisters In Faith Holy Bible?

Go to the devotionals. There are 50 of them throughout the Bible. Use these as your meditation points throughout the year.

What have been the most challenging aspects of working on this unique custom Bible?

Not making it too personal. Stephanie and I are very different and come from different places and different experiences. It was tempting, I think, for both of us to say, “What I like, all African-American women will like.” That’s just not true so God put some diversity between us. That is actually why our tagline is “encourage and empower”. Stephanie is a more heart-felt person, and she embraced the warm and fuzzy parts of the project and I am more aggressive and embraced the empowering parts of the project. The truth is that you need both.

As you worked on the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, what did you all discover and learn about the Bible that you did not know previously?

Everything! No matter how many times you read the Bible or study it, God will give you a fresh perspective. That is actually why we like doing the Bible, because we get immersed in the process of figuring out what God has for us while we look for what God has for our audience.

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