Bible Highlights

The Sisters in Faith Bible has been specifically developed to address the major concerns of today’s Christian women who don’t fit the traditional image of the church lady. you, our reader, are no longer defined by any particular role, but need God’s wisdom and guidance in every area of your complex life. Using this Bible will help you grow in your Christian walk and become all God called you to be. The articles and commentary in the Sister of Faith Bible come from the heart of African-American women with answers and insights that focus on five crucial life areas: God, Self, Career, Family, and others. Within the pages of this Bible, you will find nine different features designed to help you apply the truth of God’s Word to the realities of your life:

The Heart captures an enriching overview of each book of the Bible, allowing you to get acquainted with its content and theme. In addition, a personal insight has been added as to how each book specifically spoke to the hearts of our African-American contributors.

Karen Waddles -Old Testament & Helen Delaney – New Testament

Arise! are devotions that have been developed by women, who just like you, are seeking revelation in God’s Word. These women share their hearts and their understanding of God’s Word in ways that directly address the life you live. you will find fifty devotional articles placed throughout the pages of this Bible. each life area will be addressed by the following ten topics:


1) Prayer life 2) Church 3) Our Identity 4) Our Righteousness 5) Salvation 6) Friend of God 7) Holiness: Be ye holy 8) Trusting God 9) The Word 10) Our Faith

– Kim Cash Tate


1) Parents 2) Marriage 3) Teenagers 4) Divorce 5) Children 6) Spiritual Family 7) Adoption 8) Inheritance 9) Grandparents 10) Extended Family

– Joann Rosario Condrey


1) Accountability 2) Forgiveness 3) Jealousy 4) Commitment 5) Sacrifice 6) Friendship 7) Service 8) Trust 9) Mentoring 10) Do Unto Others

– Lakeba Hibbler Williams


1) Dreams 2) Money 3) Weaknesses 4) Strengths 5) Stress Management 6) leadership 7) Great Follower 8) Wisdom 9) Organization 10) Work Ethic

– Jamell Meeks


1) Aging 2) Patience 3) Self-Control 4) Depression 5) Loneliness 6) Self Esteem 7) Fear 8) Temptation 9) Healing 10) Peace

– Vanessa Davis Griggs

Quest and Discovery are questions and answers that face head-on some of the most difficult situations life can bring your way. Based totally on the truth of Scripture, the cries of many hearts are answered in ways that make rising above the challenges of life seem attainable. Quest and Discovery addresses each of the five life areas to help you find God’s truth.

– Stephanie Perry Moore & Brenda Noel

She Speaks offers the reader a chance to look at life through the eyes of the women in the Bible. These are inviting, first person accounts that allow the reader to truly relate to the joys, sorrows, victories, and defeats of these sisters from long ago.

– Michele Clark Jenkins

Notes to Self contains fifty snippets of wisdom drawn straight from the Word of God. each presents a biblical insight, the supporting Scripture, and is followed by a personal resolution to challenge and encourage the reader. All five life areas are addressed with wisdom and hope.

– Stephanie Perry Moore

A Place of Honor presents lessons of faith to be gained through the lives of ten biblical women of African descent. Their lives are used as object lessons to help you apply the truth of God’s Word to your life of faith.

– Keren Heath

Lyrical Expressions, like hidden treasures of wisdom, are poems that can be found periodically within the pages of this Bible. each of the five poems addresses real-life dilemmas and the resulting drama. And each will lead the reader to the foot of the cross—the only place true help can be found.

– Tiffani-Mishelle Johnson

Empowered Faith are motivational articles, covering all five life areas. each article offers words of wisdom to help you find the trust and confidence we are called to place in our Father and those he has given us to enhance our lives. Through the Word of God, we are empowered to live fruitful, abundant lives fully engaged in the pursuit of healthy relationships with God and others.

– Jennifer Keitt

To enhance your journey, take the time to read any Scripture references included in the nine features of this Bible and consider your own life in light of the truth presented. you have much to gain through the treasures contained in the living and powerful Word of God. May the Sisters in Faith Bible bless and encourage your soul.