If It Was a Snake, It Would Have Bitten You

July 11th, 2013 by sistersi

Your ministry is right in front of you.  Years ago God gave me a vision of something he wanted me to do and it was big…I mean REALLY BIG.  Immediately all of my focus was placed on making that vision a reality and I literally started chasing it.  If I’m honest, I believed that hand in hand with that vision came my total financial freedom and wealth.  Breakthrough = Wealth.  I did business plans, got other people involved, and looked for money to help fund the enormity of the project.  I was pumped up to be working for God and got others pumped up with me.  I even took time away from my job to help make the vision come to pass.  But time was not kind and years later the vision was still just a piece of paper.  Both my energy and my passion for the project began to wane.

Periodically I would ask myself and ask God if I had really heard from Him.  The answer always came back that I had.  One day, about five years later, I was on my face before the Lord asking him why this vision had not yet manifested itself. I told him that I just wanted to be working for him.  He told me that I already was working for him, and that he had given me many assignments with many more to come.  I looked around me and realized that I had been so focused on the future that I had not taken care of God’s business that presented itself right in front of me, everyday.

I had a choice, I could approach each of those assignments as a nuisance, or a detour from what I considered my “big bang” purpose or I could remember that the main purpose for me being here is not to be elevated in my own mind or in the mind of others, but to live each day for and in Christ.

It reminded me of Martha in that she was so busy with the things of the world that she forgot to sit at the feet of Jesus.  I wasn’t busy being about God’s work, I was running around trying to make things happen in the world.  I had forgotten the old adage that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.  He is preparing me to walk in all that He has for me and my attempts to take a shortcut through the hedges and across the creek aren’t going to get me there any faster.  In fact, they could interfere with the process.

Following Christ is dying daily to Him and letting Him resurrect us as His Spirit leads. “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit.” Zechariah 4:5-7.  Every day comes a fresh anointing and an anticipation of what God is going to do through each of us, His willing vessels.  And when the vision comes to pass, it will come to pass, if it is of God, and we will be ready.



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