If It Was a Snake, It Would Have Bitten You

Your ministry is right in front of you.  Years ago God gave me a vision of something he wanted me to do and it was big…I mean REALLY BIG.  Immediately all of my focus was placed on making that vision a reality and I literally started chasing it.  If I’m honest, I believed that hand in hand with that vision came my total financial freedom and wealth.  Breakthrough = Wealth.  I did business plans, got other people involved, and looked for money to help fund the enormity of the project.  I was pumped up to be working for God and got others pumped up with me.  I even took time away from my job to help make the vision come to pass.  But time was not kind and years later the vision was still just a piece of paper. …

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A Question of Sin

It is not politically correct to talk about sin anymore.  If you call something sin, you are met with a comment like, “don’t judge” and probably everyone in the room scowling at you.  The Bible does tell us not to judge others because that is God’s job and He will do it righteously when the time comes for each of us.  But the crazy part is that we are not only being asked not to condemn sin, but to bless clear acts of sin.

So what should we do then when faced with discussions of what is sin and what is not sin? It is very important that we, as Christians, know what to do, otherwise, when we are in a room while issues of the world are being discussed, we will sit timidly quiet while we know that something…

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I love rainbows.  When I see them in the sky, they are spectacular and mesmerizing.  Each one is unique and there is something very comforting about them.  When I was a child, I was told the  story of Noah and that after the flood, there was a rainbow which represented God’s promise not to flood the Earth by water again.  That story has always stuck with me, but the promise didn’t seem like it fit the glory and magnificence of rainbows.  I’ve always thought there was more to that story.

So, I did a little research and the first thing I noticed about rainbows in the Bible is that they are only mentioned a few times.  The second thing I noticed is that they are mostly mentioned as being in the clouds; and third was that  in Genesis, the rainbow…

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Jesus Knows How to Treat a Lady

There are many stories in the bible about women and some of them are about women of African descent.  But the important thing is that all of these women were included in the Word of God for a reason.  None of them were backdrop for stories about men and two books of the bible are about and named after women.

In 2012 that may not sound remarkable, but for the men-are-the-only-ones-that-matter societies at the time the Bible was written down, this is nothing short of miraculous.  God spoke directly to the women of the Old Testament and in some cases made a point of the fact that He spoke directly to them.  Like in the story of Sarah, God asked her husband Abraham why Sarah laughed when God said that she was going to have a baby even though she…

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Can’t Won’t Never

My kids tell me that I’m old (not getting old anymore…but that I’ve arrived at old).  Notwithstanding where I am on that sliding scale, I still believe that anything I want to do and that God supports, I can still accomplish in this life.  Even now, if I really wanted to be a doctor, I could be that.  If I wanted to go back to school, I could certainly do that, and actually may do that.  If I wanted to change careers and start all over again at the bottom somewhere, I could also do that.  So why have so many people, even those decades younger than me, ascribed to the life philosophy of can’t, won’t, never?  “I can’t find a job”, “I won’t take that job”, “I’ll never be able to accomplish that”.  They would rather starve then…

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