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Sisters in Faith has always needed your help. We are a community. While the Lord has allowed us to create encouraging and empowering products that target African American women, we cannot do it alone. We need your help to spread the word about Sisters in Faith in your community so we can all continue to publish books that target us.

We would like you to help Sisters in Faith to increase while Sisters in Faith helps you to increase.

You can help by selling books to your sphere of influence (which we provide to you at a deep discount) and you in turn keep the profit. Or you can purchase books for yourself or others as gifts at a the same deeply discounted price. Whether you need extra income or use the products as a calling card to minister to other women, we pray that becoming a Circle Partner will be a blessing to your life.

It costs nothing to get started until you place your first orders. Just sign up below and you are automatically a Circle Partner and will receive sales tips and information on how to use Sisters in Faith products in your ministry. When you click “Submit” we will send you a link where you can begin to receive discounted products. We have all been called to win souls for the Lord. We also need to be able to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. By becoming a Circle Partner both can be achieved. When we stand together, we can do great things in the name of Jesus Christ.

So let’s get you started as a Circle Partner. It’s sign up time…